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Reservations and
Restaurant Management

is a white label cloud-based software solution which will make the reservations process at your restaurant more accurate and efficient, increase your customer satisfaction and ultimately increase your business throughput.

How does it work
Accept reservations directly from your website, from Facebook or through the phone; the system helps you respecting the availability and the rules you set, it speaks to your customers through your personalized messages, reminds them about the dinner, tracks check-in, accomodate walkins, manages pre-dinners drinks and sends a thank you message to those who showed up.
Highly configurable
With more than 9 years of experience in creating Reservation Systems for restaurants, we will assist you closely through all the steps to find the optimal configuration for your business and will continue providing support and training to be sure you are always getting the most out of the system.
Reduce No Shows
Restaurants worldwide are drastically reducing noshows by adopting reservation systems; confirmation messages clearly state the cancellation policies making the reservation sort of a private agreement which is more likely to be honoured; automatic reminders give a chance to cancel on time; our system offers several other devices to help further more: noshows communications, shared blacklists and other stronger deterrents.
Easy to Use
Our system is 100% web based, nothing to be installed and worry about, just access it through the internet from any location and device; no specific hardware needed, you can start using a different workstation in seconds.
Your Customers, Your Brand
You can track any possible information about your customers ( diet needs, preferences, ranking... ) to build a database you can use for any marketing and analysis purpose operating right within the system or exporting the data to any external tool; we guarantee you retain 100% ownership and exclusive access to your customer database; our service model also guarantees your restaurant keeps its individual image by letting customers book only through your authorized channels.
Hotels and other integrations
D-INE Maestro offers options to integrate with Hotel Management Systems to allow automatic bookings generation for the in-house restaurants based on guests arrival/departure dates and meal plans. Built-in tools allow to quickly import your pre-existing customers lists and bookings; optional CRM integrated tools ( activity log, follow up, etc. ) are also available.
no monthly fees, NO LONG TERM COMMitment
pay $0.15US per seated guest
lower rates kick in when your business runs at high volumes

Features rich
web based Reservations and Restaurant Management system
Online Booking
mobile friendly web app.

Know your availability
Quickly respond to requests by knowing your actual availability. The system graphically shows how busy is each time range, which tables are still available and more in general how busy is each day. This information together with your knowledge and experience make it very easy to quickly find the right table or propose an alternative time.
Know your customers
Easily record your customers preferences and dietary needs and welcome them back properly when they return. You can define your own set of preference flags. The system also keeps track of previous bookings, shows and no-shows providing a complete profile for each customer. Built in tools let you select customers based on different criteria ( e.g. "all customers who had a booking in the last year") and then send them a personalized email.
Communicate efficiently
All communications related to bookings are automatically generated by the system based on the format and terminology you define; let your customers receive consistent messages from your restaurant regardless who is the operator at the time of the booking. You can customize Confirmations, Booking Updates, Cancellations, Reminders and Thank You messages defining your own wording, including dynamic sentences based on each specific situation and list your terms and conditions to minimize misunderstandings and complaints.
Manage your floor in real time
Use the real time Table Management functions to track when the customer arrives, get notified when it is time to take them to the table if they arrived early and are liming at the bar. Move a booking to a new table with just a tap. Get notified when customers are late or are sitting for too long, track when they leave and possibly sell that table again! Dynamic alerts also inform you about overbooked tables, too tight relays, new web bookings even when just in progress, and more.
Access from anywhere
All the system functions are implemented through a web interface which can be accessed from any internet connected device or computer, any geographical location at any time; any device you decide to use, like a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, is immediately ready, nothing to be installed, no extra cost. The system supports login by Magnetic Cards making the access to shared worktations very efficient.
Nothing to worry about
The system is kept under constant monitoring and is designed to self-report issues to our personnel who can quickly rectify them, no need to wait for us to come on site. The cloud-based architecture drastically reduces the points of failure, all the system functions are running on a server which adopts several techniques to improve reliability and data recovery.
Multiple Venue
Efficiently manage multiple venues/restaurants by sharing a common customer database, configure operators to access different functions of each separate venue...while still offering your customers the specific look of each restaurant.
Let them book!
The online booking module allows customers to directly place bookings through a mobile-friendly web application showing date and time options based on the actual availability and on the rules you define; the customer does not need to go through the time restrictions and complexity of telephone calls while instead can enter all the information in the system for you; despite the booking only accepts requests based on real availabilty the system clearly states the booking will be confirmed by email leaving to you the full power to verify and approve each request.
We directly work with every customer to setup the system in the most peronsonalized way and, when required, we can actually change it to implement any kind of advanced customization, integrating other systems like POS, ERP, Bookings front-ends or adding any other function you need to you run your processes more efficiently.
Running our Reservation Systems

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Benefits Chart
Potential Risks when not having a system
Solutions provided by
Take reservations
  • Misunderstand/mistype customer or booking data
  • Lose customer or booking data
  • Overbooking or Under-booking
  • Book outside of management rules
  • Customer and booking information are validated and captured in the database
  • Respect management defined constraints (closing days, max throughput...)
  • Book respecting actual availability
  • Quickly find tables
Communicate with Customers
  • Misunderstandings due to lack of information and written agreement
  • Staff communicating different rules to customers
  • Customers attempt to invent info never given
  • Missing opportunity to get feedback in the right moment
  • Personalized emails based on "language" and rules set by management are automatically sent for each critical step of the process
    • Confirmation, Reminders, Updates, Cancellations
    • Automatic Thank You messages (call to feedback)
Know your Customers
  • Difficult to provide the right service to repeat customers
  • Difficult to tune the service due to lack of knowledge of customer base (type, behavior, etc.)
  • Difficulties adjusting the offer to the demand
  • Difficult to define and reach your target
  • Track Personal Info (name, birthdate...)
  • Track Contact info (email, phone, country...)
    Track Custom Flags (preferences, allergies, customer level, etc.)
  • Send newsletters to specific targets using the integrated tools
Manage the Floor
  • Lose business due to lack of awareness of actual availability
  • Slower check in times due to longer customer/booking identification
  • Slower walk in process
  • Delays and booking disruption due to unmanaged waitings
  • Difficulty to track no-shows
  • Fast check in booked guests
  • Smart manage waiting process
  • Immediate and delayed Walk In
  • Check out
  • Booking slip printout
Web Booking
  • Lower customer attraction due to off-putting phone-dependant booking: restricted times, phone is busy
  • sales abilities depending on each operator skills and attention
  • Risk of offering services outside management set constraints
  • Book based on actual availability and defined options
  • Use any device at any time ( no need to install any app )
  • Management set rules
  • Real time monitoring
  • Increase business visibility
  • Offer the service the market expects
Centralized Shared Database
  • Restricted operation abilities due to location constraints
  • Slower staff and management operations due to exclusive access to the information (a book)
  • Potentially unsafe storing of business critical information
  • Access from anywhere with any device
  • Everybody access the same data
  • Safe off-site storing of precious business information
  • Highly difficult to analyse business over multiple important aspects due to lack of automatic data tracking
  • No Shows
  • Several reports based on different dimensions (session, time, customer type, country, table type, source type…)
  • Export data for external analysis
  • Seasons comparison
  • Session Summary (auto email)
  • Slower/impossible integration with other systems due to the need of re-entering all the data
  • Import customer and bookings
  • Export Data
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